S láskou, Na Slovíčko, EN E-BOOK

199.00  (včetně DPH)

Conversation cards for couples. Quality time for you and your partner together. Enjoy your date in a completely new way.

E-BOOK contains:

  • 50 e-cards with questions (25 questions from the printed version S láskou, Na Slovíčko + 25 brand NEW questions)

How to play:

  • Conversation cards S láskou, Na Slovíčko (With love, Na Slovíčko) are suitable for couples from 18 y.o.
  • Variant 1 – Pick any card and read the question. You can let your partner answer first, and then share your thoughts or vice versa.
  • Variant 2 – Read the question and try to answer on behalf of your partner to see how well you know each other.
  • Variant 3 – There are no limits to the imagination, choose the rules according to yourself.


Additional Information:

Because your relationship is constantly evolving, you can ask questions repeatedly and see how your answers change over time.

S láskou, Na Slovíčko is a perfect tool to deepen your relationship and understanding. Open up to each other, remember your memories you made together, look to the future and don’t be afraid to ask. Whether you go on a trip, wait in a restaurant, spend time with your loved ones or want to get to know anyone closer – Na Slovíčko is here for you!

Made in Czech Republic.