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Conversation cards Na Slovíčko produced by Slovíčko.

One pack contains:

  • 100 question cards
  • Paper box cover with information
  • Little cotton bag to keep the cards even without the paper box cover

How to play:

  • The first edition of Na Slovíčko cards is suitable for anyone – family, friends, individuals, partners and colleagues.
  • Option 1 – Pick any card and read the question.You can let others answer first, and then share your thoughts or vice versa.
  • Option 2 – Read the question and try to answer on behalf of the other person to see how well do you know each other?
  • Option 3 – There are no limits to the imagination, choose the rules according to yourself.

Additional information:

The idea of the conversation cards is to be closer to other people – feel free to share, listen and develop a conversation. As we are constantly evolving, you can ask questions repeatedly and see how your answers change over time. We want to protect our planet together with you hence we have chosen the cotton bag as part of the package purposefully. You can also keep the cards separately in the cotton bag without the paper box cover so that they can travel anywhere with you. Whether you go on a trip, wait in a restaurant, spend time with your loved ones or want to get to know anyone closer – Na Slovíčko is here for you!

Made in Czech Republic.

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